Origins and influences

October Burns Black is a project whose members have long and distinguished track records in the dark music scene.  As the band’s logo identifies, it is an outfit which has roots across the world.

OBB is the brainchild of James Tramel.  Through persistence and fortitude, and with the help of friends in the music business, James has assembled some of the finest musicians from the scene.   While each member comes with his own musical style, OBB’s releases are the result of the combination of all of those influences.


October Burns Black

James Tramel (Bass) – The Wake (US)

James is the bass player for The Wake, the legendary gothic rock band from Columbus, Ohio in the US.  James joined the band in 1987 and the group burst on to the NYC goth club scene in 1990 with their 7” vinyl single “Harlot” in 1990.  Having signed to Cleopatra Records in 1993, James was involved in what most connoisseurs of the scene regard as a ‘landmark’ record – their debut album, “Masked”.

Having toured widely in the US, Europe and Mexico, James brings a wealth of musical talent and knowledge.  He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to music.  He is heavily involved in song writing, promotional activity and organizing the band’s gig and tour activities.


Rod Hanna (Vox) – formerly Return to Khaf’ji

Hailing from Belfast, Rod has been involved in the goth scene for over twenty-five years now having fronted Return to Khaf’ji producing a demo, an album and an EP.  Following a period of quiet reflection, Rod teamed up with Voe St Clair of Angels of Liberty and provided vocals on a joint track in 2012.  Having joined the band in July 2019,  Rod brings his own identity to the band and his clear, deep tones will undoubtedly contribute to the project’s progress in the future.”

Lars Kappeler (Guitars) – currently of Sweet Ermengarde and Atomic Neon (Germany)

Lars is the driving force behind Sweet Ermengarde, a band which was set up in 2011.    SE is an uncompromising gothic rock band featuring Lars’ own distinctive bass lines interwoven with elegiac echoing guitars.  Lars also adds keys and guitar for Sweet Ermengarde.  Both albums, Raynham Hall and Ex Oblivione have been received with critical acclaim.

Although Lars’ official bands are listed above he has guested for numerous other bands both on recordings and for live sets.  These include The House of Usher and All Hallows Eve.  For OBB, demonstrating his musical versatility, Lars plays 6 and 12 string guitar.


Tommy Olsson (Guitars) – currently of Long Night (Norway), formerly Elusive and Morendoes

Tommy has impeccable credentials as a guitarist.  He has an uncanny ability, along with fellow guitarist Lars, of creating incredibly strong melodies which are both fascinatingly original but also wonderfully old school.  He has had fair share of success with bands and Long Night’s most recent release, Sorrow Returns was described in the following terms “…the trio is about to make an indelible mark on the dusky realm of gothic rock. Bold and mesmerizing, their new EP, “Sorrow Returns”, is an excellent reminder of what this genre is about: imposing rhythm, haunting melodies and deep, thrilling vocals – with the occasional flair for spaghetti westerns. So, press play and turn off the light…”

Drums are provided on recorded material and live by Simon Rippin – currently The Eden House, Grooving in Green, Red Sun Revival, formerly Fields of the Nephilim, NFD and many more