Reflections is the second coming from the minds of October Burns Black. Fronted by Rod Hanna, this release is a four track totem to the despair and unhappiness of our times and the human condition. As the title would suggest it is, by turns, introspective and outward looking.

Endure. Then fade….

From our last live performance on 7 June 2019 at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig with footage from the band and friends, we present ‘Shimmer’ from our debut EP, fault line.

With eternal thanks and gratitude to the following for contributing to this video: Frank Vollmann for onstage footage, and crowd-sourced video from:

DJ Cyberpagan (Oliver Krapp)

Scary Lady Sarah

Martin Oldgoth

Brigitte Coles

Gerrit Hassle

Giuliano Belardelli

Michelle Reich

…and last, but not least, Gordon Young who not only joined us on stage but put in the hard yards in bringing this video together.

Endure. Then fade….


On 20 July 2018 October Burns Black released the band’s debut EP, Fault Line.
The release represents the combined creative output of some of the finest musicians in the genre. First aired on tour in the UK in April, the four tracks of With You, Shimmer, Arrowhead and Light On Light represent a nod to the past but with a distinctly forward looking orientation.
Intense, complex layered vocals with intricate and driving guitars and bass all set to the drum work of Simon Rippin, this EP sets out OBB’s stall for the future.

Live footage taken and edited by Martin Alyward and Slim Chance Productions from OBB’s performance at Carpe Noctum, Leeds in April 2018.

This track will feature on the upcoming EP along with others showcased on our tour: With You, Shimmer and Light On Light.

Arrowhead: A track to feature on the forthcoming EP, fault line by OBB who are:

James Tramel

Ger Egan

Lars Kappeler

Tommy Olsson

Special guest live guitarist Andy Holmes Drums on live and recorded material by Simon Rippin

Welcome a new life, welcome a new time Welcome to all your plans ’til you pass away…….

Ahead of our arrival in the UK we have put together short sampler of images and snippets of all ten songs which will feature as our live set at our four dates in Notts, Leeds, York and Camden.

The Songs:

– Falling

– Light On Light

– Sail Away

– Save Me

– Shimmer

– A Need?

– Arrowhead

– Abderian

– With You

– Network Down

Nothing fancy, no gimmicks, just goth.